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Condo Unit – Mold – Kitchen Rebuild

Project Description

We received the initial call from this client in May to Mold Eliminators our remediation division about possible mold. She chose another company
due to price. Client contacted us again in July when she found out the
other company couldn’t do the rebuild. There were some challenges with
the job because she had a handyman doing some things while we were
trying to do the rebuild. The actual cause of her flood initially was
the way the pipe in the wall was placed; it had a screw drilled into it
that caused a slow leak. During the process CBM found the HOA was required pay for that portion of her repairs. We were able to salvage the previously flawed work and redesign her kitchen in the process. We highlight this to show why the One Stop Shop design of Construction By Mirage will save you both time and money.

Project Details

Summerlin- Desert Shores Community
1,000 sf residential condo
Project started on 7/9/19 and finished on 8/12/19
Job Type
Kitchen Remodel


Coming in on a project that previously wasn’t executed properly was the main challenge. We had to perform double work and this increased time of completion.


Construction By Mirage worked with her insurance, HOA and city building code to obtain HOA permissions, permits and to get payment. Corrected design flaws to assure flooding would not a happen again.